My Baby Number 2 {nixon}

Baby number 2.  Not at all what I expected or what people told me number two would be like. Everyone said, the transition between 1 and 2 is hard... Everyone said that things would get crazy.  Everyone said... well they said a lot of things. But let me tell you, having this second baby has definitely brought some fleeting moments of crazy, but overall it has just been the sweetest adventure. My heart has grown double the size and I wake each day with anticipation of spending my day guiding these littles, kissing their boo boos, playing, giggling, and tenderly caring for their precious lives.  

I never could have imagined the love Miller would instantly have for his little brother.  He took on the role of big brother like he had been made for it.  No jealousy, just pure love. He adores Nixon.  He always needs to know where he is and make sure that he is cared for.  He loves giving him hugs and kisses and tenderly touching his face.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  It's just the sweetest image to witness and I pray it lasts forever!

As far as my new little bundle of joy.  Well he is just that, such a bundle of joy!  I thought Miller was an easy baby, until Nixon arrived.  He is just so laid back and happy - unless he gets hungry, then everything pauses till he is full. His whole face smiles when he giggles and his slow blink turns me to jello every time.   

I can't believe that he is 5 months old already.  Every day I squeeze him a little tighter, breathe him in a little deeper and stare at him a little longer.  

Welcome to our family Nixon, Mama loves you SO GOOD!