BEST OF 2017 {year in review}

Y'all, this year was nothing like I expected it would be.  I had my second baby the end of 2016, taking maternity leave till the middle of February, and literally jumped back in with my first client on the 15th.  What followed was the most bookings for a year that I have ever had, more than I ever expected.  I truly am humbled by the business I have received, and the referrals, y'all, referrals are the BEST COMPLIMENT!!  I continued capturing mostly families and newborns but threw in a few weddings and engagements as well.

I am frequently asked what my favorite subject is to shoot... I honestly struggle with this one, as I've also been told I need to find a niche and stick with it.  I can't.  I just can't.  I love each session for its own reason.  

I love the newborns for the delicate moments and the love that naturally surrounds them.  I love watching new parents be, well, new parents.  I love being creative with a sleeping babe and capturing some precious moments.  

I love milestone sessions for the idea that they capture that specific moment in time that when they are so small is so fleeting.  I love being able to produce something tangible to always bring the parents back to that time.  I love seeing how each child is different and interacts with me in their own way, I love building a sweet rapore with each kid.

I love family sessions for the excitement that accompanies each.  I love, love, LOVE capturing soulful parent and child portraits, that encompass all the emotions!  I get so excited to create memories with true interactions between family members, along with some of those "perfect, everyone is looking" photos!

I love engagement/couple photos for the fun it allows me to have with my directions and posing.  I love that adults follow directions and don't require me to make silly faces for a good laugh (even though that is exactly what I love about working with kids)!  I love that I get to capture moments of intimacy and romance and I adore watching couples loosen up and have fun with one another!

I love weddings, because, who doesn't love a good wedding.  I'm bound to wipe away tears at some point with each and every one.  I love the anxiety and nerves I feel leading up to the first look.  I love the rush of making sure I "get it all" - even though I am bound to miss something - it's hard y'all!  I love sending out a complete gallery, because by this time I have spent too many hours staring at this couple and reliving their special day and I just want them to do the same!

I love capturing events, I get to retreat a little and capture so many candids and honest moments.  I love watching people interact and documenting whatever special day it may be (birthday, reunion, awards, marathons, etc).

So... I cannot just choose one, I love them all.  I love keeping it fresh and exciting and being able to challenge myself differently with each session.  I pray I always have the freedom to capture it all!

With all this being said, I thought I would put together a little peak into what my year looked like...

Family 2.jpg
Family 1.jpg
Family 3.jpg
Family 4.jpg
Family 5.jpg
Parents-kids 3.jpg
Parents-kids 1.jpg
Parents-kids 2.jpg
Parents-kids 4.jpg
Parents-kids 5.jpg
Newborn 1.jpg
Newborn 2.jpg
Newborn 3.jpg
Newborn 4.jpg
Newborn 5.jpg
Newborn 6.jpg
Newborn 7.jpg
other 2.jpg
other 3.jpg
other 4.jpg
other 5.jpg
others 6.jpg
others 7.jpg
others 8.jpg
others 9.jpg
others 10.jpg

Here's to 2018!!!!